SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains non aggregated column

Hit the following issue when doing some testing on a new dev machine (Mac) that was just set up with a fresh install of MySQL Expression »

Another setting up a Server guide

This is a first part of multiple posts all about setting your (Ubuntu) server (like the web needs one). I'm slowly moving over to Docker but »

Getting Lucee, Docker, your local databases and git repos working together.

This is part 2 and following on from this post, if you're just getting in to Docker please read pt1 first. This post will follow on »

Docker Beta (Mac) and large backup issue

I've been playing around with the new Docker beta app for Mac and its been great fun but the one issue I've noticed is that my »

Getting Lucee and Docker working together.

As of writing this Lucee v5 is out. This post will be using v4.5 as that was the version I was converting my EC2 instance »

Escaping javscript URLs and their params

Did you know the escape() function is depreciated. As it turns out it doesn't handle its actual role of escaping characters that well i.e. non-ASCII. »

Bash script to backup a MySQL RDS dump to S3

Amazon RDS has nice backup plan in place but you don't have access to these and its a good pratice to store a "dump" yourself. This »

Find and change non-UTF8 CHARACTER SETs in a Mysql tables

This is a modified script which allows you to change the character set of a MySQL table as well as convert any current non-UTF8 columns to »

Free flash drive or hard drive restore from @Backblaze

Backblaze have just introduced their Restore Return Refund program. This means that they'll mail you up to a 4TB drive to restore your data from (rather »

What does it all mean? event-loop, non-blocking, callback, single-threaded, concurrency etc

If you work with Javascript, either in the browser, or via Node.js then Philip Robers talk "What the heck is the event loop anyway?" it »