Snippet variables, the complete list

Well ive been playing around deeply with snippets in HS+ (and the macro manager), and so far loving it. Ive got the complete list of variables for HS sorted now and they are damn handy for working with. As mentioned i have already blogged some FuseDoc snippets that i created a week or so ago. Anyway for anyone interested heres the list of HS+5.5 snippet Variables:

  • $${DATE}
  • $${MONTH}
  • $${TIME}
  • $${DATETIME}
  • $${CURRENTFILE} - Current file name (just the file)
  • $${CURRENTFOLDER} - Current folder (just the folder)
  • $${CURRENTPATH} - Current path (full file name)
  • $${USERNAME} - Current user
  • $${MONTHNUMBER} - Month as a number
  • $${DAYOFMONTH} - Day of month as a number
  • $${DAYOFWEEKNUMBER} - Day of week (the week starts on Sunday)
  • $${DATETIME24} - DateTime24 - a 24 hour clock version of datetime.
  • $${YEAR} - Current year.
  • $${YEAR2DIGIT} - Current two digit year.

taken from Using HomeSite+ for Dreamweaver MX