CFMX on IIS and Apache2 on the same machine

Well with a new machine in the works for my company i've been thinking about running Apahce (on windows) for our server. Anyway what with mappings etc i really wanted to give this a bash at home first. At first i thought this was gonna mean me, notepad and a bunch of text files had to get friendly. Actually its couldn't of been easier thanks to CF.
  • Download and install Apache. I needed to change the port to 81 so it didnt interfere with IIS which meant i changed the "Listen" port to 81 in the httpd.conf file
  • Edit C:\\CFusionMX\\bin\\connectors\\Apache_connector.bat to look at "apache2" folder instead of "Apache". Then run the bat file.
  • Restart Apache and all is well, easy.

Do remember though that they are using the same CF engine. If you have the enterprise version you could most likely set up a different instance for each web server, but i dont so i can't ;o(

Afterthought:If you want to administer CF from Apache then you will need to add the following to the ScriptAlias section of httpd.cong
Alias /CFIDE "%cfroot%/CFIDE/"
Alias /cfide "%cfroot%/CFIDE/"

Replacing "%cfroot%" for the director path to CFIDE folder i.e. c:/coldfusionmx/wwroot/