NewsGator Acquires Nick Bradbury

Well it looks like its the year of the merger this year with the online Rss Agregator Newsgator aquiring FeedDemon and Topstyle.What does this mean for the FeedDemon user - good things from the outset.
  • News Gator uses a subscription model which >FeedDemon will become apart of. So for the next two years we get business standard subscription for free - and this includes upgrades to FeedDemon as well
  • By using server side technology as the aggregator it means that we can now have our Feeds sync'd over any amount of PC's - One great thing about Nicks license's have alway been that you can have it installed anywhere but only have one session open
  • A bigger support team - this has already been implemented with the help of Ronnie Gilbertson on the forums
We should see FeedDemon 1.51 in the next couple of weeks which is already working toward tight integration.As for Topstyle users, they also get the 2 year subscription, and continutation of development with build 3.12 coming soon.So congratulations to Nick and good luck,