What you don't want to know about me

I saw Marks post, followed it to Tim's. Then I saw Todd's post, and as usual I had wasted my lunch following these kind of links so I figured I was younger than them so I should announce it, and now i'm here. Though I know the young thing will bite me in the ass, especially as I know Ryan Stewart is around here somewhere. Right! back to boring you with details about me!
  • Im 28 and not nearly 29 as my Girlfriend keeps announcing :o)
  • I live with my lovely girlfriend, Helen, in a one bedroom flat in a converted house just outside of Portsmouth, England which is between two of our favourite pubs in the area.
  • I like my vodka! no.... no.... seriously I love my vodka!
  • My car is a 54 plate Vauxhall Astra, black.
  • I work for a global corporation who deal with Warranties/Insurance. I work there as the lead CF developer creating and maintaining B2B sites services and sites.
  • Love Peanut Butter and Salad Cream Sandwich (weird I know, but you gotta try it, I converted Helen)! Domino's Pizza with BBQ base. All Chinese food, and my g/f's "special mash"
  • Musically I like any kind of band music from Less Than Jake, Green Day, Queens Of The Stone Ages, Eagles Of Death Metal, to [insert other bands here] etc etc. Check out my last.fm profile - that save me typing any more then :o)
  • Been working with CF since 2000,
  • At the moment I'm watching Lost, Jericho, House, CSI (all three). I love the Simpsons, Futurama, Scrubs, and Two and a half men! Though I don't actually watch TV, except for CSI the rest is mainly on DVD's or the Mac.
  • I sometime rock climb, just a beginner though. I wish I played golf again. I'm not a big footy fan though I follow international games and my local team, Pompey FC.
  • I'm currently trying to help out with CFEclipse but finding it hard to make time. I have also got one other secret project on the back burner which I am hoping to fire up agian this year ;o)
  • As of August I am a Mac convertee and haven't looked back. If it wasn't for VPN and Lotus Notes I wouldn't even have Parallels on here.
  • My Friday Jokes seems to be the reason everyone knows me/my site. I even got introduced as the "Friday Joke Guy" at the CFDevCon, and NO this isn't really a story about me but it is my favourite joke of all time. Just thinking of the last 3 lines makes me laugh every time.
  • and i'm a XBox 360'er

so, what are you all about!