A free ticket to Scotch up for grabs

For first prize in the the Fridays Joke: Scotch on the Road competition there is now 1 ticket for Scotch on the Road up for Grabs! You can use this ticket at ANY of the three venues, London, Manchester, or Edinburgh

Nick Tong from TalkWebSolutions.co.uk has sponsored my Fridays Joke: Scotch on the Road competition to offer this prize so get your entries in.

The prizes:

  • 3rd place will get their joke posted on my blog on Monday, June 1st which is the first day, London, conference.
  • 2nd place will get their joke posted on my blog on Wednesday, June 3rd which is the second day, Manchester, conference.
  • 1st place will get 1 Ticket to Scotch on the Road and they will be the Fridays Joke on both my blog and the Scotch blog on the June 5th which coincides with the last day Edinburgh event. Plus there is a bottle of whisky i'm giving away that I was fortunate enough to win at a previous Scotch event

The rules:

  1. Make sure its about Scotch (though any drink will suffice)
  2. Make sure it hasn't been posted on here before. I have a search function.
  3. I'm not worried about it being SFW but keep within sensible taste levels.
  4. No pictures/images
  5. I won't be sending the bottle outside of the UK but if you're happy to just get your joke posted feel free to enter from anywhere in the world and I'll save the bottle for another competition.
  6. The judges will be myself and Kev McCabe a.k.a Big Mad Kev

Make sure you send in your name, valid email address and if you have one a web address. All entries will get their name and website published along with the joke!

For everyone who's trying to be green now, don't panic. To ensure that this is an environmental competition no joke will be wasted. The rest of the jokes that don't make the top three will be recycled and posted at some point in the future here :)

Check out my "contact me" page for ways of sending your joke over.