Update Railo to the new admin

Updating Railo couldn't be easier. In case you didn't know, from the Administrator under Services go to Update and if a patch is available you can "Execute Update"Whats even nicer is that you can change where you get your update from and if you want to be on the edge you can point the update url to http://dev.railo.ch/. This is currently looking at 0.24 and will give you access to the new looking admin (follow the links below for screenshots)
  1. http://www.markdrew.co.uk/leak/Picture%203.png
  2. http://www.markdrew.co.uk/leak/Picture%204.png
  3. http://www.markdrew.co.uk/leak/Picture%205.png
  4. http://www.markdrew.co.uk/leak/Picture%206.png