Railo 3.2 and beyond

Gert Franz (of Railo) has posted on Slide Six his preso from CF.Objective(ANZ). It includes 70+ slides which you can flick through quite quickly which cover the upcoming 3.2 release, 3.3, and even some hints on whats happening with 4.0. This is a great resource if you are already invested in Railo or still haven't jumped the fence to find out whats happening with this OS CFML engine.

Some of the noteable features include:

  • Line execution time debugger (v3.3)
  • Variable tracing (v3.3)
  • Event gateways that can be implemented completely in CFML (v3.2 beta, v3.3 final)
  • Caching (v3.2 beta, v3.3 final) with lots of options
    • Ram Cache
    • EHCache
    • MemcacheD
    • Key value stores: CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, Riak, and Membase
  • Extend Java Object (v4.0)
  • Droping reflection, meaning Java calls will be up to 500x faster than before (v4.0)

And theres more in the preso; Check it out at slidesix.com/view/The-future-of-Railo-33-and-40