CFHTTP error, I/O Exception: peer not authenticated for ColdFusion

Or Unknown host: peer not authenticated on Railo. Either way its a PITA when this happens.

On Lucee/Railo the fix was easy.

  • Go to the server Admin.
  • Click on SSL Certificates under "Services"
  • Enter you host an port then click list
  • Then click install.

For ColdFusion it was a little bit more involved.

  • Go to the site you are having trouble with i.e. and download the root certificate and save it as cert.cer (Google will tell you how)
  • (optional I think) [JAVA_HOME]keytool -delete -alias [CERT ALIAS YOU WANT TO REMOVE IF ALL READY INSTALLED]
  • [JAVA_HOME]keytool -import -alias -keystore [YOUR PATH TO]cacerts -storepass [STOREPASS PASSWORD] -trustcacerts -file [YOUR PATH TO]cert.cer

n.b. on Adobe CF your JAVA_HOME is probably something like [COLDFUSION HOME DIRECTORY]\runtime\jre\bin