Stop looking at your phone, WhatsApp have released a web app

Its more of a web/Chrome app but make sure you have you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed then head to », multiple API documentations in one place

DevDocs is a great, single resource for multiple API documentations for a lot of languages from Node.js, Angular,Bower, to Rails, and even C+ in », a reference for reference for ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)

I came across today which is worth a bookmark. Like is a reference/language lookup site but with goal to export this »

NPM not found when using NVM

Had an issue with NPM not found with an install of Node.js via NVM. Tried $ which npm and that didn't return anything. As much as »

Sign up to @DigitalOcean using my link and receive $10 in credit

I really enjoy the @DigitalOcean service so happy to promote via this shameless plug. On the plus side you get $10 in credit when you deploy »

Node.js Equivalent to ColdFusions hash()

A reference for me more than anything else for duplicating ColdFusion's hash(str,"SHA-256") in node.js var crypto = require('crypto'); var pwd = "Password1!"; var hash »

Node.js Style Guide

Node.js style to help you/team keep consistent which I'm happy about as it generally follows a style I prefer This »

Using Apache to password protect a single file

I'm going to use the terminal screen for this and assume you're on *nix but it should be quite simple to take to your operating system »

MongoHub is a native mac GUI application for mongodb

Mongohub is a free mongodb administration tool for mac. Handy if you're just getting in to NoSQL and coming from other Cocoa apps such as Sequel »

Node.js examples on Github

For anyone just starting in node.js or playing around with it I am added my exmaples to a github project at »